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Unisex Couples Slippers 40 black

Price: $11.03

Couples Cotton Slippers Mens & Womens Comfort Memory Foam Slip-on House Slippers, French Terry Lining Anti-Slip Indoor Beige 40-41. Free UK Shipping and Free 30-Day Returns on Eligible Shoes & Bags Orders Sold or Fulfilled by Amazon. Mx: Hogar y Cocina.

Unisex Couples Slippers 40 black


For the crowd: Unisex

use season: spring, summer, autumn

use scenario: home, outdoor, beach

product features: made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, good texture, comfortable, breathable and durable

origin: Jinjiang city, Fujian province, China

packing list: 1 pair of shoes

Please read the following instructions about SIZE in detail:

1*Please choose according to the EU Size, US Size, UK Size or the insole length.

2*Please pay special attention to the difference between UK size and US size.

3*Please pay special attention to the difference between WOMEN size and MEN size.

4*The size of the sole is the China Size. After receiving the goods, please do not doubt the size.

[US XXX]=American Size XXX
[UK XXX]=United Kingdom Size XXX
[EU XXX]=European Size XXX
[Insole Length XXX mm]=heel to toe(the length of insole shoes):XXX mm. This length should be about 5~10 mm longer than your feet.

Women 36=[US 5~5.5]=[EU 35.5~36]=[UK 3~3.5]=[Insole Length 230mm]

Women 37=[US 6~6.5]=[EU 36.5~37]=[UK 4~4.5]=[Insole Length 235mm]

Women 38=[US 7]=[EU 37.5]=[UK 5]=[Insole Length 240mm]

Women 39=[US 7.5~8]=[EU 38~38.5]=[UK 5.5~6]=[Insole Length 245mm]

Women 40=[US 8.5]=[EU 39]=[UK 6.5]=[Insole Length 250mm]

Women 41=[US 9]=[EU 39.5]=[UK 7]=[Insole Length 255mm]

Women 42=[US 9.5]=[EU 40]=[UK 7.5]=[Insole Length 260mm]

Women 43=[US 10~10.5]=[EU 40.5~41]=[UK 8~8.5]=[Insole Length 265mm]

Women 44=[US 11]=[EU 41.5]=[UK 9]=[Insole Length 270mm]

Women 45=[US 11.5]=[EU 42]=[UK 9.5]=[Insole Length 275mm]

Men 39=[US 6~6.5]=[EU 39~39.5]=[UK 5.5~6]=[Insole Length 245mm]

Men 40=[US 7]=[EU 40]=[UK 6.5]=[Insole Length 250mm]

Men 41=[US 7.5]=[EU 40.5]=[UK 7]=[Insole Length 255mm]

Men 42=[US 8]=[EU 41]=[UK 7.5]=[Insole Length 260mm]

Men 43=[US 8.5~9]=[EU 41.5~42]=[UK 8~8.5]=[Insole Length 265mm]

Men 44=[US 9.5]=[EU 42.5]=[UK 9]=[Insole Length 270mm]

Men 45=[US 10~10.5]=[EU 43~43.5]=[UK 9.5~10]=[Insole Length 275mm]

Unisex Couples Slippers 40 Black Details

Unisex Couples Slippers 40 black

Unisex Couples Slippers 40 black